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Diet breakfasts? Some ideas and tips

Diet breakfasts? Some ideas and tips

Healthy and balanced diet breakfast: how to start your day in the right way by eating fruits, sugarfree whole grains, fibers, and vitamins.

Today we will talk about diet breakfast, or how to turn the first meal of the day into a moment of complete wellness for our body. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and for this reason you should never skip it. However, being careful of what you eat in the morning may help you feel better and not tired during the day.

In short, it is true that the classic breakfast food can make you feel full, but you need to pay attention not to eat too many fats and sugars, or in an hour you will feel even more hungry. Furthermore, if you eat too much sugar at breakfast you risk to feel drowsy.

A healthy diet breakfast, however, provides the necessary nutrients to activate the body and mind without overloading the stomach. Fresh fruits, whole grains and herbal teas are perfect to start the day in the right way. But let’s find out more!

How to start the day with a healthy diet breakfast

Diet breakfasts? Some ideas and tips

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The ideal diet breakfast begins with liquids. In the morning, when you wake up, drink two glasses of lukewarm water on an empty stomach. If you do not like the taste of water, you can try lemon water which will help you to eliminate excess toxins and to prepare the stomach for solid food. Alternate it with green tea or a ginger infusion to vary. Green tea is known to stimulate diuresis, as well as ginger, which is also great for strengthening the immune system and promoting digestion.

Remember also to drink a good, homemade citrus fruit juice. Rather than drinking fruit juices, which contain a very small amount of actual fruit, you can prepare smoothies or extracted juice. Try a mix of grapefruit and orange for a shot of vitamin C and a detox effect. Moreover, a currant, blueberry, strawberry and ginger smoothie is full of antioxidants and helps losing weight.

Examples of diet breakfast: what to eat

In order to boost your energy, eat about 40 grams of whole grains. Read the labels to make sure you don’t buy the ones with added sugars. Choose organic cereals without added sugar or preservatives. You can also buy teff, oat or chia seeds to eat with milk or yogurt. Teff, other than being rich in fibers and vitamins, is also gluten-free. Oat and chia seeds, instead, help to lose weight and are rich in vitamins and minerals.

If you prefer savory breakfasts, you can eat lean cold cuts such as turkey, chicken or beef. Eat them with multicereal, wholewheat or gluten-free bread. If you exercises, a hard-boiled egg is great for protein boost.

You can also eat nuts or other types of dried fruit, such as almonds or cashews, which are rich in fats that are good for the brain.

Diet breakfast outside: is it possible?

Diet breakfasts? Some ideas and tips

Can  you have breakfast outside even when you are on a diet? The answer is yes, even if you mustn’t give up to temptations! In the shop windows always have croissants, muffins and many other tasty delicacies. However, although they seem small, they actually have a very high content of sugar!

So, what can you eat? You can choose fresh fruits or a sandwich with ham, turkey or bresaola (but without sauces!). Some places also sell diet bars, even if sometimes they can be a bit expensive.

Finally, you can drink a juice, tea or black coffee, but not sweetened.

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