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Diet: here are the 15 least calorie foods that satiate

woman with apple

There are foods that are very low in calories, satiate and are also good to eat. Let’s find out which are the best to choose.

Choosing what you eat is very important when you want to lose weight . Although basing everything only on calories is not exactly correct, there is no doubt that knowing the caloric amount of various foods is useful. In this way, in fact, you avoid introducing more calories than you consume, thus managing to lose weight. To do this, it can therefore be useful to know the foods that have the least calories of all and that are nevertheless good to eat and even able to satiate even for a long time.

The least caloric foods ever

To stay fit or lose weight, you need to eat healthy and balanced. Occasionally, however, it can happen that you feel hungrier than usual. In these cases it can be remedied by choosing to eat the least calorie foods. You will be satisfied without guilt and, above all, without compromising the diet . So here are the foods that have fewer calories.

woman with apple
woman with apple

– A small cucumber (8 calories)
– An apricot (12 calories)
– 100 grams of fennel (15 calories)
– 100 grams of radicchio (16 calories)
– 100 grams of watermelon (16 calories)
– 100 grams of pumpkin (26 calories)
– One tomato (27 calories)
-100 grams of strawberries (30 calories)
– 100 grams of grapefruit (36 calories)
– One peach (40 calories)
– An apple (48 calories)
– A small slice of wholemeal bread (50 calories)
– One egg white (19 calories)
– A whole egg (70 calories)
– 100 grams of Greek yogurt (75 calories)

How to fill up with few calories

Now that we have seen some really low-calorie foods, remember that to get sated you need to always try to eat balanced. This is the only way to keep blood sugar under control. To do this, it is important to include the right amount of carbohydrates, lean proteins and good fats at every meal.

If it is a snack between meals, then, the above examples are just fine. Remembering, however, that for the same calories, protein sources are more satiating.
At breakfast , lunch and dinner, however, it is important to make sure that all the macros are on the plate. This is the only way to say goodbye to hunger pangs during the day.

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