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Diet in white, how to protect the body and lose weight

diet food

The blank diet is a diet that helps protect against colitis and gastritis, but is also perfect for weight loss. Let’s find out what it is and how it works.

The white diet is a particular diet that allows you to protect the body from various gastro-intestinal problems. But of course it doesn’t stop there. In fact, thanks to a light diet characterized by digestible foods, it allows you to lose weight very quickly. In addition, the blank diet helps to purify the body, reactivate the metabolism and is also a good solution for children. So let’s see how it works, what benefits it offers and what you can eat.

Diet in white: how it works

The white diet is characterized by a choice of light and digestible foods, but which do not make you give up on taste and satiety. In fact, the daily menu includes few proteins, and for the most part lean, fish, rice, bread, potatoes and pasta.

diet food
diet food

The choice of fish is almost a must, especially for its low fat and high concentration of Omega 3 . In this diet, then, seasonal vegetables and fruit cannot be missing, even in the form of smoothies or juices. In any case, the consumption of carbohydrates together with proteins is strictly recommended, so as to raise the glycemic index and compensate for nutrients.

Diet in white: benefits

The blank diet, in addition to being an excellent solution for losing weight, offers many other benefits. In fact, those who rely on this diet very often suffer from colitis, gastritis or other problems related to the gastro-intestinal system. This is because the foods included in the diet are highly digestible and, consequently, help not to burden the body too much, reduce the production of gastric acids and help counteract nausea, dysentery or intestinal flu.

Precisely for these reasons, the white diet is also suitable for children , since they could suffer from overly elaborate kitchens or dishes. We must also remember that the blank diet allows you to lose weight very quickly, also deflating the belly and abdomen.


Recipes and examples of blank diet menus

Even if the white diet is a fairly strict diet, it must be said that it leaves a very wide choice in the composition of the menu. In fact, the important thing is to avoid foods that are difficult to digest, spicy or spicy, but having said that you can indulge yourself. So let’s see some examples of recipes and foods that can be eaten if you follow this diet.

We start with breakfast and snacks, for which a cup of tea with rusks, seasonal fruit or an apple , preferably cooked, is provided. In the main meals, and therefore lunch and dinner, it is possible to eat pasta or rice, seasoned with a drizzle of oil, cooked and lightly seasoned vegetables or a portion of white meat, fish or a boiled egg.

Finally, the water, strictly natural, must be drunk in small sips at room temperature and preferably between meals. In any case, remember that it is essential not to skip meals and ask your doctor for advice before embarking on this path.

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