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Diet-not-diet: this is how the weight loss plan works without sacrifices

lose weight

Dr. Debora Rasio has developed a non-diet diet, which allows you to lose weight without giving up. Let’s see how it works!

To lose weight you don’t need too many sacrifices, on the contrary, crash diets are harmful. This is the basic principle of Debora Rasio’s non-diet diet .

Oncologist, nutrition expert and consultant in numerous Rai broadcasts dedicated to health, Dr. Rasio has recently published a book, entitled “The diet does not diet. Reactivating the metabolism and restoring a healthy weight with natural nutrition ” , in which he explains in detail how this food plan works. Let’s deepen!

What is Debora Rasio’s diet without diet

According to Dr. Rasio, to lose weight you just need to eat healthy . Crash diets are not only useless, they are also harmful, because in most cases the weight lost is recovered in a short time.

lose weight
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The non-diet diet does not include restrictive menus, which often prompt people to abandon the diet prematurely. What we need to do is to rediscover our traditional cuisine, based on fresh food, and abandon industrial foods, full of harmful chemical additives. The consumption of sugar, salt and harmful fats must be reduced.

In an interview published in the magazine Starbene , Debora Rasio explained why classic weight loss diets don’t work : “Body fat is a protective and insulating tissue that the brain makes us accumulate to defend ourselves from situations of emotional tension. Diets represent additional stress for the organism, therefore they perpetuate this storage mechanism. Not enough: low calorie diets slow down the metabolism; when the body perceives a reduction in the availability of calories, it reacts by adapting to burn less of them ” .

How does the non-diet diet work

The non-diet diet, although not restrictive, provides a precise nutritional plan to be followed, divided into four phases, each lasting one month.

The first phase involves a high consumption of protein and the elimination of carbohydrates, to cause ketosis. As Dr. Rasio explained, studies have shown that ketosis has numerous benefits: “it suppresses inflammation, regulates insulin levels, protects nerve cells, improves the composition of the intestinal microbiota, reduces blood pressure and cholesterol levels, it decreases the feeling of hunger and, above all, it quickly unblocks the metabolism ” .

In the second phase , carbohydrates are reintroduced, which however must be whole and gluten-free, for example quinoa , buckwheat, red rice and black Venere rice.

In the third phase the consumption of proteins is reduced, which in excess can cause hormonal disturbances and oxidative stress, wholemeal cereals with gluten and legumes are introduced.

In the fourth phase, you eat everything and establish a balanced meal plan, which helps you maintain a healthy weight and continue to lose weight, but in a slower and more gradual way.

If you still need to lose a lot of weight, the program can be resumed in full from phase one after a few months.

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