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Diet snacks? Here are the delicious (and low calorie) ideas

yogurt with honey and nuts

Snacks are a way to break hunger and get rid of the need for something good. Here are some ideas for a sweet or savory snack with low calories.

When you are on a diet, the desire to transgress and eat something good is always around the corner. Making diet snacks between main meals is therefore always advisable, especially if you can achieve something delicious and low in calories. Fortunately, the many healthy foods rich in beneficial properties that we have available, allow us to opt for different choices and all able to satisfy the palate. Let’s find out some of the most delicious and perfect both to keep the line and to lose weight.

Sweet diet snacks: which ones to eat?

Choosing the right snack is very important because it helps to satisfy and at the same time satisfy the desire for something good. Depending on the type of desire that you have, you can in fact opt ​​for one or more choices that can satisfy and satiate with few calories . Let’s find out some of the easiest to make.

peanut butter bread
peanut butter bread

– Sugar-free Greek yogurt with a spoonful of honey and a handful of walnuts
– A slice of whole wheat bread with peanut butter and a teaspoon of cherry jam
– Fresh fruit salad with a handful of nuts and pistachios
– Popsicle made from Greek yogurt without sugar and banana (just blend them together and freeze them)
– A portion of lean cottage cheese with strawberries

Savory diet snacks: the tastiest

Obviously, even those who love salty can opt for some quick choices that can satisfy the palate. In fact, among the salty diet snacks there are:

avocado toast
avocado toast

– A handful of dried fruit
– A slice of wholemeal bread with avocado
– An orange juice without sugar and two cubes of Parmesan
– A small toast with only cheese
– A portion of salted ricotta with a couple of breadsticks

Low calorie diet snacks

Choosing diet snacks like the ones listed above is a way to keep your metabolism moving, not to go hungry for dinner and to get rid of the need to eat something good.
Both in the middle of the morning and in the afternoon they represent a healthy and delicious choice, able to help keep the line with taste and to make you lose weight without feeling oppressed by a too restrictive regime.
Some are also excellent to taste as an alternative to sweet or savory. A way like any other to not lose your smile even when you are on a diet considering that we are talking about snacks with very few calories.

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