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Differences between yoga and pilates: here are the most important

Yoga position

Differences between yoga and pilates: what they are and how to choose between the two disciplines with positive and calming effects. Let’s find out together!

It often happens to wonder what the differences are between yoga and pilates. This is partly due to the positive effects that these two disciplines have on those who practice them and which can often lead to identify them as the same sport. The truth is that there are several differences, and knowing them can be useful to understand which of the two activities approach or focus more.

The difference between yoga and pilates which is important to know

When you choose to practice a discipline that helps increase strength but at the same time is able to give balance, the choice often falls between yoga and pilates.

Yoga position
Yoga position

It is therefore very important to learn to make the right distinctions between the two and to understand exactly what they differ in.
If yoga is based on exercise mixed with mental practices focusing everything on inner balance, pilates is instead more attentive to the physical side which is however approached in a more delicate way than other activities, and all in order not to burden the muscles. .

From a purely logistical point of view, yoga and pilates also differ in the procedures. Yoga, in fact, is mostly done free body while pilates makes use of different tools ranging from rubber bands to hoops.

Better yoga or pilates? How to choose between the two

If, despite the differences just mentioned, the doubt about which discipline to choose is still strong, it is important to take a step back and understand what you need most.

Both yoga and pilates, in fact, aim at a balance and for this reason it is important to understand if you feel a greater need to reach the physical or mental one. In the first case, pilates will undoubtedly be the best choice while in the second, yoga will be more suitable. Regardless of the chosen discipline, you will still receive a stronger body and a better relationship with themselves that will result in easier and fluid movements.

What if you feel like doing both? Obviously no one forbids it. Indeed, in recent years, piloga was born precisely to meet those who felt the need to explore them well. Discipline that, as the name suggests, combines the two activities into one. Perhaps unsuitable for purists, it turns out to be the ideal choice for those who really struggle to choose and want to experiment with something new at the same time.

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