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Dip powder nails: the newest manicure trend!

Dip powder nails: the newest manicure trend!

Find out everything about this new product everyone loves!

It looks like face powder, but it is not! We’re talking about powder nail polish, also know as “Dip Powder Nails“, the new best friend of our manicure. It is already all the rage on social networks, and all DIY manicure lovers have already tried it! Applying this product is really weird: you just need to deep your fingers in its jar, and your nails are ready! Isn’t it incredible?

There are a lot of colors and shades: pastel colors, glitter, fluo… Let’s find out more and let’s understand how to apply this product!

Dip powder nails: how to apply and remove this nail polish

This product is a must-have! It is very easy to apply and it lasts for about 3 weeks! You don’t need to go to your beautician: in fact, you can make your Dip powder nails at home!

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As for normal nail polish, you should apply this product on clean, filed nails. After that, dip your finger in the powder, then dab on it to eliminate excess. Apply some lacquer to finish. Your manicure is ready and you don’t have to worry about letting the nail polish dry!

However, removing the Dip powder nails will be more difficult. The process is the same as when you want to remove gel. The first method is to rub nail polish remover for 15 minutes on your nail. Or you can file the nail until you manage to remove all the product. The latter method requires an expert, if you are not a professional you could ruin your hands!

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