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Directly from Tuscany, pici all’etrusca will cheer up your tables

Pici all'etrusca

Let’s go to the discovery of a typical Tuscan first course the pici all’etrusca with doses and preparation phases.

Pici are a typical Tuscan pasta shape that owes its name to the gesture of appicciare, that is, pulling a loaf of pasta until it is thin and reduced into spaghetti. Pici all’etrusca are perhaps less known than the classics seasoned with cheese and pepper but no less good. In fact, we are talking about a delicious first course whose preparation can be further simplified by simply purchasing the ready-made pici.

The original recipe calls for the use, for the preparation of the sauce, of garlic , parsley , mint and basil blended with pecorino cheese and hard-boiled egg white in order to obtain a sort of very tasty green pesto. The recipe does not hide particular pitfalls so we invite you to try pici, a typical Tuscan product par excellence, with this tasty dressing.

Pici all'etrusca
Pici all’etrusca

How to prepare the recipe for pici all’etrusca

  1. Place the flour in a heap, salt lightly and pour the water a little at a time, incorporating the flour with a fork. Finish working the dough by hand and once you have a smooth and homogeneous dough , let it rest for 30 minutes under an overturned bowl.
  2. Boil the eggs and let them cool, then cut them in half and recover the hard-boiled egg white.
  3. Transfer it to a blender together with the aromatic herbs, the garlic removed from the core, the pecorino cheese and a pinch of salt. Blend adding a drizzle of oil and an ice cube to keep the sauce a nice bright green.
  4. Then roll out the dough with a rolling pin until it reaches a thickness of 1 cm. Then make thin strips with a pastry wheel and roll them under the palms of your hands to form spaghetti .
  5. Boil them in abundant salted water for 5 minutes then drain and mix them with the sauce in a bowl.
  6. If necessary, you can adjust the consistency by adding a little cooking water .

We love this pasta shape and we have tried it in literally all sauces. Try the pici all’aglione for example and you won’t regret it!


Pici all’etrusca should be eaten as soon as they are made. You can keep the pasta separately, covered with a cloth, for a couple of days in the refrigerator . The same goes for the dressing: just be careful to cover the surface with a thin layer of oil to preserve its freshness.

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