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Discovering Chios, a versatile resin rich in properties

Chios plant

Let’s go to the discovery of Chios mastic, a resin originating in Greece, rich in beneficial properties and very versatile.

Resin obtained from Pistacia Lentiscus , Chios mastic is a natural remedy that takes its name from its place of origin, the island of Chios, in Greece . As we said, this resin is produced by Pistacia Lentiscus , an evergreen shrub , also known by the name of lentischio, which grows mainly in the Mediterranean area . Although it is a shrub with a bushy behavior, on rare occasions it can grow in arboreal form and reach four meters in height. It produces small red fruits that ripen in winter.

Its resin, Chios mastic, is used on several occasions and has several beneficial effects : let’s find out.

The properties of Chios mastic

Chios mastic has several beneficial properties . Not surprisingly, in the past this resin was used as chewing gum as it was suspected to have beneficial effects on the oral cavity. This belief was founded on the real properties of mastic, an excellent antiseptic , antifungal and anti-inflammatory.

Chios plant
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It is able to perfume breath and prevent plaque formation. In addition, it is a good ally of the digestive system : it helps soothe pain and infections. Among the other properties, we mention those expectorants : like apple vinegar , it is able to calm and fight dry cough.

Uses of resin

Chios mastic is undoubtedly a very versatile product. In addition to being used in the manufacture of various dental care products, such as toothpastes and mouthwashes, it can be used as chewing gum . Do not be frightened by its bitter taste: after a few chews it will disappear and leave room for a more pleasant flavor.

In addition, mastic can be used to make food products : in addition to appearing in numerous traditional Greek recipes, it is used to make Mastika, a typical Greek liqueur that has digestive functions, and Giniu, a Sardinian gin.

Chios island
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Finally, the resin can be used, like incense, to perfume rooms. Just burn it and infuse a pleasant aroma throughout the house.

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