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Discovering evening primrose oil and its beneficial properties

Evening primrose flower

Obtained from the common evening primrose, evening primrose oil has countless beneficial properties. In particular, it is a great ally of the skin and circulation.

Evening primrose oil is obtained from the common evening primrose, also known by the scientific name of Oenothera biennis , a floral plant that can reach one meter in height, recognizable thanks to the showy yellow flowers present at its top.

The OenotheraI , which has thirty one subspecies, all very similar to each other and with common properties, is widespread in Italy , especially in the north, where it colonized the Alpine arc and the Po valley, and in the Apennines.

The properties of evening primrose oil

The properties of the evening primrose are mainly due to its seeds . In fact, it is from them that its vegetable oil rich in benefits is obtained. In particular, it is an excellent ally of the skin thanks to its content of polyunsaturated fatty acids and essential amino acids that are not synthesized by our body. For this reason, it is used to treat various skin disorders, including atopic dermatitis .

Evening primrose
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Furthermore, it is a cure-all for the circulatory system: fatty acids, in particular omega-6, promote circulation and help prevent the development of cardiovascular diseases .

Evening primrose oil promotes the production of prostaglandins , a heterogeneous family of polyunsaturated fats that regulate the hormonal processes of women, helping them fight the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome and promoting fertility .

Finally, it has excellent anti-inflammatory properties , excellent for the digestive system and to combat muscle and joint pain.

Uses and contraindications

Evening primrose oil can be used in two different ways. The first option is to use it for internal use . Taking it orally will allow you to take advantage of all its properties, but it is not the best way to proceed in case of skin problems. In any case, it is possible to take it about twice a day in an amount equal to spoon.

The second option is to apply it directly on the skin (recommended in case of dermatitis), perhaps adding a little of it to cream or other vegetable oils, such as that obtained from St. John’s wort.

In the recommended doses, evening primrose oil should not lead to the development of side effects . It is good not to abuse it and to stay away from it in case of epilepsy. In addition, so that it can interfere with some drugs, it is recommended to consult an expert before using it.

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