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Discovering natural muscle relaxants: why use them? Which are the best?


Against spasms and muscle contractions it could be useful to make use of some natural muscle relaxants: let’s find out what they are and which are the best.

Muscle spasms and contractions are a problem that affects many people and can be very annoying. There are several methods of getting rid of these symptoms, including using a particular type of substance that responds to the name of natural muscle relaxants.

In today’s article we will find out what a natural muscle relaxant is and which are the best on the market.

What are natural muscle relaxants?

When we talk about natural muscle relaxants, we talk about substances that can be used to promote muscle relaxation , even in case of inflammation. In practice, their operation is relatively simple: they promote relaxation and extension of the contracted fibers . This process will reduce the feeling of tension and with it also pain.

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In the pharmacy you can find numerous muscle relaxants, however these are drugs that, although effective, do not fall within the definition of natural. At the same time, there are several muscle relaxants that can be defined as natural and that are usually obtained from plants that enjoy this particular property.

The latter are in many cases able to act quickly and can be purchased in various herbalists , sometimes even in pharmacies. However, before use it is always good to get advice from an expert : different plants have different characteristics and each person could have greater benefits in using one, compared to another.

The best natural muscle relaxants

One of the best natural muscle relaxants is Cannabis sativa or Hemp . This plant, at the center of many controversies, contains a substance known as CBD or cannabidiol which, not only does not have psychotropic effects, but has different antispasmodic, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Another well-known natural relaxant is chamomile . This plant acts on the central nervous system and promotes general relaxation. However, it also has an antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory action, which acts on muscle pain.

To combat muscle pain caused by contractions or inflammations, it is also possible to resort to two very effective remedies in these situations: arnica , obtainable in the form of ointment, and lavender , very common in the form of essential oil (the latter it is more suitable in case of contractions than inflammations).

Magnesium is another suitable remedy for fighting muscle contractions. It helps the latter to function properly (and with them the nervous system ) and promotes sleep. Also excellent for helping heart muscles.

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