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Discovering pistachio: properties and benefits


Pistachio is one of the most loved varieties of dried fruit ever, as well as a true ally of our health: here are its properties.

Those who love dried fruit will certainly know pistachios , one of the most popular varieties used in the kitchen. Rich in beneficial properties, they are a precious food and able to offer many advantages to those who choose to include them in their diet. High in calories (they contain around 560 calories per 100 grams), pistachios are rich in proteins and good fats and therefore also suitable for those on a diet. What matters is to insert them into a healthy and balanced diet, eating them in the right quantities.

Pistachio: the beneficial properties

Thanks to the contribution of vitamins , minerals and good fats, pistachios are fully part of the super foods. Good to eat and perfect for enriching both sweet and savory dishes, they are good for the body. Among the contributions he makes, the main ones are:


– Help reduce stress
– They give a good mood
– Like walnuts , they help lower cholesterol
– Eaten with meals they help to reduce blood sugar
– Help control high blood pressure
– In the right amount they help you lose weight
– They are good for the eyes
– They are useful against diabetes

Being dried fruit, their consumption is not recommended for allergy sufferers. In addition, salty ones are to be avoided if you suffer from water retention or kidney diseases. If in doubt, it is always best to seek advice from your doctor.

How many pistachios to eat in a day?

Pistachios come from the pistachio fruit tree and belong to the Anarcardiaceae family. Source of fat, although healthy, should be eaten in moderation. The ideal is a handful a day which should correspond to about 15/30 grams .

The ideal proportion, in general, depends on many factors and in the case of diets or particular situations should be seen with your doctor. Obviously you should always opt for natural pistachios , avoiding salty ones. A gluttonous way to eat them is to create a pistachio cream, pounding and mixing the pistachios together with extra virgin olive oil. A perfect recipe for pasta, desserts and salads.

As for the times of day to eat them, the ideal is for breakfast or as a snack. Alternatively, they can be used as a source of fat in salads or crumbled on first and second courses. In this way you can enjoy their many qualities quickly and easily.

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