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Discovering the berry of the five flavors, the fruit behind the long life elixir

Berry of the five flavors

The berry of the five flavors, fruit of Schisandra chinensis, is a product rich in beneficial properties and its infusion is considered a long life elixir. Let’s find out.

The wu wei zi , in Italian berry of the five flavors, is a fruit rich in beneficial properties . Its benefits were identified by Buddhist monks, who considered its infusion as a long-lived elixir . The berry of the five flavors grows on Schisandra chinensis , a deciduous plant native to northern China and eastern Russia . At the end of the summer, the fruits will be ready and will appear as many clusters composed of small berries of an intense red color .

Berry of the five flavors, the beneficial properties

The Buddhist beliefs that considered the berry of the five flavors to be the basis for the elixir of long life were not so wrong. In fact, as shown by numerous scientific studies, Schisandra berries enjoy numerous beneficial properties .

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This small berry is an excellent ally of the kidneys , respiratory system and digestive system. Its infusion is able to facilitate the work of the kidneys, while helping to reduce the feeling of thirst. In addition, it helps fight cooling symptoms , especially those affecting the respiratory system.

Among its most important properties we also mention its ability to keep the intestinal microbiome healthy, a very fundamental quality. A healthy microbiome will help fight various diseases related to the digestive system, including problems with metabolism and obesity . Not surprisingly, the berry of the five flavors can be used to combat overweight.

In addition, wu wei zi , is used by athletes to support physical activity and to recover from exertion and can be used by patients to accelerate the healing process . Finally, it is able to protect neurons, restore damaged tissues and prevent the formation of tumor masses.

How to use the berry of the five flavors

Although the berry of the five flavors is edible fresh , it is usually not consumed in this state but is dried. Once dried, the berry can be used to make herbal teas and infusions .

To prepare an infusion of wu wei zi just drop a teaspoon of berries into a cup of boiling water. After letting it sit for about twenty minutes, you can consume the infusion. Since the berries are edible, there is no need to remove them. Not recommended to take more than two cups a day . To be avoided in case of pregnancy.

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