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Discovering the microbiome, the set of good bacteria

Microbiome bacteria

Microbiome: a set of good bacteria that works in synergy with our body. Let’s find out its functions and the factors that influence it.

Today we talk about the microbiome, a word that we hear more and more often, usually in some commercials that suggests that we try this or that other product. However, despite this term accompanying us almost on a daily basis , many of us do not know its real meaning.

With the term microbiome we are going to indicate the myriad of microorganisms that populate our organism. They are mostly bacteria , but don’t worry: they are good bacteria.

Microbiome, how it works and what it is used for

Although the microbiome is made up of billions of bacteria, we must imagine it as a single organism that lives in symbiosis with our body, not as many foreign bodies. In fact, this one and a half kilo of bacteria regulates various aspects including the absorption of nutrients, the production of energy and vitamins. It also affects our immune defenses. In short, it is better to take care of your microbiome.

As shown by different studies conducted on this component of our body, the relationship between the microbiome and our organism is bidirectional . In fact, both in the case of the absorption of nutrients and in that of the regulation of the immune system, our actions influence his health as he influences ours.

Intestinal bacterial flora
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The immune system , among other things, regulates the presence of bacteria within our body, including those belonging to the microbiome. The latter, on the other hand, helps the immune system by sending useful signals for its regulation.

As for the assimilation of nutrients, this set of microbes regulates how many of the nutrients taken will be assimilated and how many expelled through the excretory system. It therefore becomes obvious how an unbalanced microbiome can easily lead to the development of forms of obesity .

Factors that influence bacteria

The factors that could influence the composition of this group of microorganisms are different, but everything starts from birth. In fact, in addition to being partly due to hereditary factors , the structure of the microbiome can depend on the type of birth (with cesarean or natural birth) and breastfeeding (breast or not).

However, the most important factors are two: nutrition and taking medications and antibiotics . In the case of the latter two, the problem is that, in some cases, they may not distinguish between good and bad bacteria.

As for nutrition, we must pay attention to fiber , dairy products and meat. In fact, for a healthy microbiome, it is advisable to take in many fibers and reduce the amount of meat in favor of that of vegetables . In addition, an abuse of dairy products could also create an imbalance in the composition of bacteria.

However, it is important to keep in mind that each individual has different needs. Consequently, what applies to some may not prove effective for everyone: it is always good to seek advice from an expert .

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