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DIY anti-cellulite massage: all the techniques to do it at home

DIY anti-cellulite massage: all the techniques to do it at home

The DIY anti-cellulite massage is great to fight water retention. Let’s see the best techniques to do it at home!

Cellulite is a difficult problem to defeat, one of the more common imperfections among women. In order to curb, prevent and fight it, it is necessary to adopt many precautions about our diet, habits and so much more. We should follow a specific diet, exercise and have beauty treatments. Among the latter, the most effective ones are legs and body draining massages.

Of course it would be better to ask a professional for them, but it is definitely an expensive choice, both in terms of money and time. Let’s see how to have an anti-cellulite massage at home.

Anti-cellulite massage: how to do it

There are different anti-cellulite massage techniques: some of them also use special tools, such as cups or rollers. We will focus on the simplest ones, which only need  your hands, a massage oil and a little practice!

Starts from your legs, which usually are the most affected by cellulite, along with the buttocks. Sit and put on your hands some massage oil (better if it has anti-cellulite and draining ingredients). Gently rub the oil on your legs, moving bottom up.

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Start massaging with circular movements one of your feet, from the sole to the heel, then switch to the back and to the ankle. Keep massaging your leg, exerting a growing pressure from the ankle to the groin, as if you were wearing stockings.

Then, grab your calf and start pinching all the muscle from the ankle to the knee. Repeat the pinching on your thighs, without forgetting the outside and the inside of your thigh. After that, place your hands flat on the sides of your knee and, exerting a growing pressure, rise up to your groin. Then, treat your buttocks. Kneel down and rub the anti-cellulite lotion with circular movements on it. Finish with pinching all of the buttocks.

Does the anti-cellulite massage work?

Many people debate on the effectiveness of anti-cellulite massages. Do they actually work? Well, a lymphatic drainage massage can help reshaping the skin and it is an ideal base to start with, but that is not enough. For this reason, our advice is to ask first a professional for these massages, and then continue with DIY sessions.

Moreover, you need to understand that massages should be complementary to some habits you must adopt. Following a proper diet and exercise are two of the most important things to do to fight cellulite.

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