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DIY blackhead patches: find out how to make them

nose patch

DIY blackhead patches: how to prepare them at home for maximum results.

The do-it-yourself blackhead patches are a more than valid remedy for the fight against blackheads and impurities that often involve certain areas of the face and in particular the famous T-zone .
In these points, in fact, the sebum tends to accumulate and oxidize and this gives life to what we commonly call black points. To eliminate them, an effective method are the patches that today we will discover how to make at home with natural products .

Homemade blackhead patches: how they work

nose patch
nose patch

Fighting blackheads with patches is one of the natural remedies for blackheads and is a good way to get them trapped and removed easily.

Sometimes, however, you can be allergic to the various ingredients that compose them and in these cases, or when you like to act in a more natural way, the ideal is to provide yourself with DIY blackhead patches. To make them, just add a sticky substance to one that disinfects the affected part. In this way, the skin will be thoroughly cleaned while also avoiding the formation of new blackheads.

Obviously, the ingredients that can be used to get good results are different. Let’s find out some of the most effective.

The patches with egg white and lemon

Let’s go to the simplest recipe of all which is the one based on egg white and lemon. Just mix these two ingredients in a bowl and dip some strips of paper into it. At this point you will apply everything on the nose and on the areas you want to clean up from blackheads.

After about an hour, when you feel the area of ​​the skin tighten (a sign that the remedy has worked and has now dried) you can remove the paper and with it the accumulated impurities. Rinse the skin with warm water and that’s it. The egg white has emollient properties and acts as a glue while the lemon is a well-known disinfectant, very useful for improving the quality and health of the skin .

The DIY blackhead patches with sugar

This recipe uses two tablespoons of sugar, two tablespoons of honey and one of lemon juice. After having mixed them well to obtain a homogeneous mixture, apply everything on the nose or in the affected areas with a brush . Cover the parts with paper and leave to act.

It usually takes 30 minutes to get good results, which will once again be noticed by the tightening skin. When this happens, simply remove the paper and rinse your face with warm water. The skin will be cleaner and more disinfected.

Before creating the do-it-yourself patches it is always important to make sure that you are not allergic to individual products which, in this case, will need to be replaced.

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