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DIY face cream: find out how to make it for healthier skin

face cream

DIY face cream is a good way to take care of yourself naturally. Let’s find out how to make it at home.

When it comes to beauty , DIY face cream is one of the simplest and healthiest remedies to take care of your skin. In fact, for a homemade face cream you need a few simple ingredients, essential to bring hydration and shine to the skin . Are you curious to find out how to prepare one according to your needs? We have chosen some recipes for you to make do-it-yourself face creams even at home and without any effort in finding the ingredients.

DIY face moisturizers

One of the most important DIY creams for skin well-being is the moisturizer. Able to give nourishment and freshness to the skin, it makes it more shiny, allowing it to maintain the right hydration throughout the day.

To prepare a good DIY cream you need very few elements. In fact, it is enough to choose a spreadable base such as yogurt or oil and combine the right ingredients to obtain surprising results, such as for oily skin, but not only.

DIY moisturizer for oily skin

face cream with honey
face cream with honey

This type of cream is particularly suitable for those with oily or acne-prone skin. To realize just add honey to yogurt and dell ‘oil to make a soft dough and able to lie on your face without dripping. Once applied, just wait about ten minutes and rinse.

DIY cream for dry skin

face cream with apple
face cream with apple

Another valuable cream is the one for those with dry skin. In this case, crushed apple can be added to the yogurt. Thanks to its properties , in fact, the skin will tend to regenerate and stay hydrated for a long time. Once applied, it can be kept on the face for an hour, then rinsed carefully.

Anti age cream

face cream with potatoes
face cream with potatoes

A good moisturizer and at the same time valid against wrinkles can always be made with a yogurt base and with a mashed and well mixed cooked potato . Once the cream is obtained, it can be spread on the face, keeping it for about 20 minutes. Rinse carefully and repeat two to three times a week for healthier, younger looking skin.

With these do-it-yourself face creams, taking care of yourself and your skin will be much easier and will allow you to obtain excellent results in a short time and at a low cost.

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