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DIY gel nail reconstruction: how to do it in a few steps

Gel nail reconstruction

The gel nail reconstruction is excellent for those who want a perfect and long-lasting manicure. Let’s see how it is done at home!

Not all are lucky enough to have beautiful and resistant nails, to be grown and shaped in the shape you prefer. This is why the gel nail reconstruction was born, very popular in recent years.

This technique allows to lengthen the nails , give them different shapes and decorate them. The gel manicure also has other advantages: it lasts up to four weeks and, if done well, makes the nails thick and resistant. Let’s see in detail how it’s done, even at home!

How is gel nail reconstruction done?

Gel nail reconstruction
Gel nail reconstruction

The reconstruction is done by specialized nail technicians , who follow special courses to learn how to make it. It is not, in fact, a very easy technique. Unfortunately, it is not an economic treatment: the cost ranges from about 50 to 80 euros , but it must be considered that it must be repeated only every 3-4 weeks, when the regrowth of the nails starts to be noticed.

If you want, you can try to make the gel reconstruction at home , buying the appropriate kit in the shops that sell items for beauticians. Usually the kit includes: buffer file, nail degreaser, primer , base nail gel, colored gel, top coat gel and LED lamp. Know, however, that it is not enough to have everything you need to make a perfect gel manicure, you must also practice a lot!

To make simple gel nails , you must first remove the cuticles and any residual nail polish. Never cut the cuticles, soften them with a special oil and then push them back with a wooden stick. At this point you have to degrease the nails by filing the surface with the buffer file. Apply the primer, let it dry and then spread a thin layer of base gel , to be polymerized in a lamp (the minutes vary according to the brand and type, read on the package).

Degrease the gel with the appropriate product, then make a first coat of colored gel , cure, degrease and, if necessary, make a second coat, always to polymerize and degrease. With a drop of gel, form a slight camber in the center of the nail, cure and degrease. Finally, apply the top coat and, once again, cure it in a lamp and degrease.

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