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DIY gymnastics: the best YouTube channels for doing sports at home


Time is missing and is the budget limited? Thanks to YouTube you can opt for DIY gymnastics comfortably at home.

Between new disciplines arriving from all over the world and more and more gyms that open in our city, laziness sometimes has the same upper hand, without considering the time available that is scarce and the budget available: all this could lead to having give up physical activity. And what if you opt for DIY gymnastics?

If you are a lover of well-being and you have to give up physical activity despite everything rowing against you, thanks to the numerous Youtube channels you can think about your health by opting for DIY gymnastics. Here are the best ones!

The best YouTube channels for DIY gymnastics

That VIPs have a personal trainer available and an ad hoc program and that they can often do everything from the comfort of their home is not a utopia. And if we mere mortals cannot afford a coach all to ourselves, we can rely on the YouTube channels dedicated to home fitness that are literally depopulated, that is, collections of free and useful online videos for doing gymnastics at home.

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BeFit : from Cardio Fat-Burn to Yoga, to workout and of course 10 minutes stretching to those that promise incredible results in 90 days, this channel boasts the most famous trainers such as Jillian Michaels, Denise Austin, Jane Fonda, Billy Blanks Jr ., Scott Herman, Samantha Clayton, Garrett Amerine and Rainbeau Mars.

Blogilates : a community founded by Cassey Ho, also suitable for beginners that offers different workouts depending on the muscles you want to strengthen. By participating in the life of this community you will seem to be part of a group even though you train at home. In addition to the exercises, pre and post physical activity recipes are also shown.

Tone it Up : Karena and Katrina give fitness , lifestyle, food and beauty tips to have a perfect body. A 360 ° channel on wellness, perfect for all your needs.

LUMOWELL – Wellness 360 : an ideal Italian channel for those who have very little time to devote to fitness: here you will find 7-minute workouts, to speed up your metabolism, warm-up ones, and other general practices lasting up to ten minutes.

XHIT Daily : in this channel the videos are divided by the part of the body you want to train: perfect mini videos to tone or train specific points, also ideal for those who want to take a next step and aim for perfection !

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