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DIY highlights: how to do them right

hair dye

Do-it-yourself highlights are a quick and easy way to give light to your hair. How to do them correctly and get a great result.

When you want to give light to the hair and face, sunstroke DIY may be the right solution and immediate. Making them is in fact less difficult than you think. And it follows a few simple rules to be able to enjoy a healthy head of hair and the ‘shiny look. Let’s find out how.

How to do highlights at home: what to buy for effective work

When you want to change the look and give light to the hair without having to worry too much about regrowth , in addition to more complex and sophisticated techniques such as shatush there are the classic highlights that, thanks to their simplicity, never go out of style.

hair dye
hair dye

To make them at home, you just need to get the material that today can be found ready in special kits and very easy to apply. What matters is knowing how to choose the right color which, in order not to overdo it, should be similar to the basic one but a few shades lighter. A bowl, a comb and a cap will complete the whole.

How to apply highlights on hair: the most used techniques

Once you have chosen the desired final color, all that remains is to do the DIY highlights. These can be made with the classic bonnet technique from which to bring out the locks that you want to bleach or, if you have a certain dexterity, with the fine-toothed comb with a tip that will help untangle the hair and draw subtle highlights. .

Generally it is better not to touch the root and once the strands have been bleached, they will be closed in aluminum foil or parchment paper, waiting for the time indicated on the package and checking from time to time how it is proceeding. If desired, there are also combs made specifically to perform highlights and with which applying the cream will be easier.

What matters is to study your hair in order to immediately determine how many locks to do and go and choose them as evenly as possible and then pass the comb with the bleaching cream. The advice, in order not to be mistaken, is to start with a few locks. Later you can add new ones in order to understand if the effect is to your liking.

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