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DIY mouthwash based on natural products

DIY mouthwash based on natural products

How to make at home 100% natural mouthwashes to always have a healthy mouth and say goodbye to bacteria and bad breath.

To defeat bad breath you can prepare natural mouthwashes in a few minutes. Very often, bad breath, especially in the morning or at the end of the day, is caused by bad digestion or by an accumulation of bacteria. Sore throat, catarrh and influenza are among the main causes responsible for this problem.

In order to always have a healthy mouth,it is important to gargle with disinfectants and antibacterial products. In this case, lemon or baking soda are very efficient against the infections of the oral cavity. Here are some suggestions of DIY mouthwash.

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DIY mouthwash in case of flu

In order to disinfect and dissolve phlegm asuper effective remedy is apple cider vinegar gargles. Use a quarter of a cup of vinegar mixed with three quarters of water.

In case of a sore throat, instead, try gargling with water and baking soda, for a disinfectant effect. Use half a teaspoon with a few drops of lemon juice.

If you suffer from sore throat, you can also gargle with lemon and honey. Heat about 50 ml of water and pour it in a glass. Then, add two tablespoons of honey and the juice of half a lemon. Stir and use this mix for your gargles. Lemon is very effective against bacterial infections, because it has a high disinfectant power. Honey, instead, has a softening function.

Homemade mouthwash against bad breath and bacteria

To fight bad breath and to disinfect your mouth you can gargle with lemon juice. Pour a few drops of it in half a glass of water and use it to rinse your mouth and teeth. Resort to this mouthwash a couple of times a week to sanitize the mucous membranes and to whiten your teeth. Do not use it too often, otherwise you risk ruining the tooth enamel.

Another useful natural remedy to solve this problem is dill. You can just chew a handful of its seeds to solve the your halitosis. Alternatively, you can prepare a dill seed herbal tea and use it to gargle.

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