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DIY solid shampoo: recipes for every type of hair

DIY solid shampoo: recipes for every type of hair

Let’s see how to make at home a DIY solid shampoo with natural and eco-friendly ingredients, avoiding waste and save money!

Solid shampoos are practical and modern products which allow to reduce packagings. They are easy to carry around: people who always travel love them, because they can bring with them their shampoo without taking too much room.

Thanks to their 100% natural ingredients and the fact that they do not need any packaging, you will also respect the environment! Moreover, you can use this product to wash your hair more times than with the liquid one.

How to prepare this product at home? Here some scented and efficient ideas for natural solid shampoos!

How to make homemade solid shampoo: 5 steps

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In order to prepare this convenient product, you need lye, olive oil, coconut or avocado butter, castor oil and essential oils. You can add more ingredients or replace some of them with different oils or butters. Later, we will talk about all the replacement and additions you can make.

1. The first step is preparing the shampoo container. Choose a cylindrical box, for example the toilet paper roll or the chip container. Close one side with some transparent film.

2. During the second step, you need to prepare the oils. Mix 150ml of olive oil 100ml of coconut oil, 25ml of castor oil and 25ml of rice oil. You can replace one of these oils with jojoba or sunflower seed oil. Instead, you can replace coconut oil with coconut, cocoa or avocado butter.

3. Now it’s time of a very delicate step, that is the preparation of lye. Wear protective gloves and goggles: never use it without any protection. Mix 90gr of lye with the oils. Mix until until everything has dissolved, then use a hand blender.

4. Once well blended, add the essential oils you like. For example, you can choose lemon and lavender ones, which have soothing and disinfectant powers.

5. Finally, pour your soap in the mould and let it set for about 24 hours at room temperature. If it’s not ready, let it set for 3 days.

Dry or oily hair shampoo: the special ingredients

If you have oily hair, add a nettle dectoction to your lye. In a pot, mix 200ml of water and a tablespoon of nettle in powder. Turn the heat on and stir from time to time. When it starts boiling, turn the stove off and let it cool.

Instead, in case of dry hair, use dense oils or butters, such as argan, jojoba or avocado. Alternatively, you can also use 3 teaspoons of honey, orange juice or carrot extract.

Solid shampoo and bar of soap: the difference

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Even if this homemade solid shampoo looks like a bar of soap for the body, there are huge differences. Body soap has a basic pH: if you use it on your hair, it makes it dry, because it is too aggressive.

Solid shampoo, instead, cleanse well without drying your hair out. This is the reason why we use coconut oil to make it: its pH is about 5.5!

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