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Dizziness: natural remedies

Dizziness: natural remedies

Causes and granny’s home remedies against dizziness: avoid stress and poor diets, and keep your ears covered!

During stressful periods, season changes or a flu, you may experience an annoying sense of disorientation. It may be dizziness, which causes nausea and headaches. Consequences are inevitably a lack of concentration, nausea and fatigue.

Sometimes, however, ear problems such as otitis or labyrinthitis may cause dizziness. Whether it is stress or medical ailments, you need to see a doctor, who will tell you if you just need to modify your diet or if it is something more serious.

In case of stress or weakness, you can follow some precautions every day. Let’s have a look!

Dizziness: natural remedies

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Dizziness: main causes

One of the major causes of dizziness is stress. Too much tension and a frenetic life may weaken your mind, body and immune system. Reducing work commitments and finding time for yourself helps to relax your mind and to avoid fatigue and dizziness.

A second, very common cause is poor diet. Lack of vitamins and minerals can cause a decline of your mental and physical performances. Therefore, you will be less dynamic and smart at work or at school. Eating a healthy and balanced diet will help you support your nutrients intake without straining or weakening your nervous system.

In the most serious cases, however, there may be ear infections such as otitis or labyrinthitis. These two illnesses may cause loss of balance and vertigos, but also nausea and dizziness. In this case, your doctor will tell you how to treat your ear problem and whether to take vitamins and minerals to strengthen your body.

Dizziness: remedies and diet advices

The first thing to do to avoid dizziness is drinking a lot of water. Hydration is fundamental to keep brain and physical activity balanced.

diet rich in nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, fibers and proteins is also really important. Avoid an excessive consumption of sugar, which in many people can cause severe headaches and dizziness.

Finally, when it is cold,  keep your ears covered in order to avoid inflammations, which could cause nausea and dizziness.

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