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Do Bach flowers help you lose weight? Here are which ones are right for you

Bach flowers

Let’s find out what are the psychological factors that come into play when we try to lose weight and what are the Bach flowers to “unlock”.

Having ascertained that to lose weight it is essential to follow a healthy diet and do physical activity, we cannot forget that the process of losing weight is also strongly affected by the emotional factor . Anxiety, stress, guilt and many other psychological situations can counteract all our food and sports efforts to drop a few extra pounds. In this case, Bach flowers can help us . Here are the best ones for this need.

Bach flowers for weight loss

Unfortunately, there is still no magic herb that makes the extra pounds disappear in an instant. We still need to work hard to succeed, but sometimes willpower isn’t enough . There are moods that sometimes “block” us, pushing us to use food as a source of pleasure or as an anti-stress. Furthermore, the motivation is not always strong enough to allow us to maintain a constant diet over time – which is the only way to really benefit from it.

Bach flowers, if they cannot increase the metabolism or burn fat, they succeed excellently in this task: they support us psychologically during the path to lose weight, they help us to control emotionality and nervous hunger , they break that vicious circle for which the more we are stressed, the more we would like to eat. But it is important to make the right choice, among the many natural remedies that exist.

Bach flowers
Bach flowers

What are the Bach flowers to lose weight


This remedy is recommended for those who, despite appearing to be very serene and calm, harbor strong tensions within themselves . It can happen, in these people, to vent emotions with food. Agrimony helps to find another outlet and, among the Bach flowers, is the most suitable against food addiction .

Cherry Plum

If there is a strong fear of losing control and adopting bulimic attitudes , this flower can be of great help. In particular, it is suitable for those who love sweets and cannot savor food, preferring to overeat instead.


Sometimes food is a way to release depression or sadness . Among the Bach flowers most suitable to stop eating compulsively, Mustard helps to face the unknown fears that prevent us from behaving moderately at the table.


This flower is recommended for those who, as soon as they start a diet, find it hard to hold back their impatience to see the first results. Thanks to this remedy it will be possible to increase tenacity and not to abandon the diet too soon. It also helps to contain hunger attacks thanks to its calming action.

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