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Do cell phone radiations increase the risk of cancer?

Do mobile phone radiation increase the risk of cancer?

Scientists conducted a test on mice and found out cell phone radiations can increase the risk of cancer!

At the United Nations National Institute of Environmental Health, scientists conducted a study on the correlation between cancer and cell phone radiations. The research used specimens of mice and found out that the 2G and 3G waves could cause liver, brain and other types of cancer.

However, the Food and Drug Administration reassured people. According to them, there is no correlation between the illness and the waves.

Are the effects of cell phone radiations harmful to health?

According to the experts, there is a link between phone waves and the disease. The American agency National Toxicology Program has published a research conducted on 300 laboratory mice. The study cost 30 million dollars and lasted 10 years.

Some of the animals were put inside special cells shaped as mobile phone antennas. More specimens were exposed to the waves when they still were in the womb, while others were exposed to radiations when they were adults.

According to the experts, cases of cancer increased by about 5 to 7% in male mice. The Food and Drug Administration did not agree: “There are no obvious links with man”.

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On the results of the experiment, John Butcher said: “We can not compare the effect of phone radiations on humans and on animals. Scientists irradiated the entire bodies of mice and rats with similar radio waves. Instead, people usually put their phones in a specific place next to their head, but they do not do it often”.

Nowadays, smartphone addiction is more and more common. It may cause problems such as anxiety and stress, but many also argue that there is a connection with cancer. All we can do is being careful and  make less use of our cell phones.

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