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Do-it-yourself bronzer: how to do it quickly and easily

tanned woman

Do-it-yourself bronzer: find out how to make it in a simple and natural way to expose yourself to the sun in the summer.

With the arrival of the first sunny days, the desire to expose yourself to get a tan becomes stronger and stronger. But what if you don’t have a tanner with you? Fortunately, there are several solutions that can be put into practice to create a natural tanning product that is also healthy and effective .

tanned woman
tanned woman

Natural tanner with extra virgin olive oil

A simple and immediate home remedy that also acts as a do-it-yourself self-tanner is extra virgin olive oil. This, in fact, when mixed with lemon juice , helps the skin to color more quickly and achieve the desired browning.

To make it, just mix cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil with lemon juice . Apply everything to the skin and expose yourself to the sun . In this way, getting a tan will be much easier. And thanks to the soothing properties of olive oil you will also get softer and more hydrated skin.

Oil bronzer
Oil bronzer

Homemade cocoa tanning cream

Among the do-it-yourself bronzers, the cocoa-based one cannot be missing. To make it, just mix a moisturizer (even better if with at least a medium protection factor) with unsweetened cocoa powder.

Mix the ingredients until you get a soft cocoa cream that must be without lumps. Spread everything on the body and expose yourself to the sun. In this way the skin will be softer and will color faster. Avoid it if you are allergic to nickel as cocoa contains it in large quantities and could lead to burns or allergic reactions.

Beware of homemade bronzers: they do not guarantee protection

Warning: the indicated tanners do not guarantee protection from UV rays (especially with regard to homemade tanning oil). For this reason, before applying them it is always good to protect the skin according to your phototype . Only in this way will the bronzer be an easy way to feel beautiful and get a perfect and fast tan .

It should also be remembered that both the oil and the cocoa cream should be freshly prepared and not kept under heat or light sources. The risk would in fact be that of undergoing deterioration and not leading to the desired effects.

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