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Do-it-yourself natural cough syrup: how to do it in different ways?


To remedy an annoying cough it is possible to resort to green home made remedies. Natural cough syrups are what you need.

Who has never been affected by a cough? Oily or dry, it’s really annoying! It must be fought at all costs but it is not always necessary to resort to over -the-counter drugs . To remedy this, just prepare natural cough syrups at home and with a few ingredients . How to do? Follow our advice: we will reveal how to prepare them to effectively remedy this ailment.

The ingredients to use are easy to find and everyone has them (usually) at home. Syrups are useful to give immediate relief and, in particular, to cure this annoyance, which usually grips people during the cold months.

Homemade natural cough syrups: the types

-Honey syrup . Even the less experienced and health-conscious usually resort to the use of honey, to be eaten by the spoon or dissolved in water or milk. This gives you great relief right away. To make this miracle cough syrup you need a lemon, sunflower oil and, of course, some honey.

Squeeze the lemon and put the juice in a saucepan with a tablespoon of sunflower oil and half a glass of honey. Once blended, the syrup is ready and a spoonful is enough to immediately feel better.

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– Garlic syrup . 3 cloves of garlic are enough to obtain a natural product excellent for coughs. The cleaned wedges are placed in a saucepan together with 250 ml of water, to bring to a boil, until it halves.

Then add 100 ml of vinegar and 4 tablespoons of honey, bring to the boil again, allow to cool and place in the fridge. To cure yourself, just consume a tablespoon a day .

– Beetroot syrup . This cough syrup is very easy to make. You need 2 beets, cut into slices and put on a plate. Then you have to sprinkle everything with sugar and cover the mixture.

It will create a red jelly-like substance, which is the syrup you need, one of the best natural cough remedies .

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