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After having been out all day long, even if you are dead tired, you should not throw yourself on the bed with the same clothes you wore outside your house.

You should stop jumping in your bed the exact moment after you come back home: it’s dangerous for your health! The reason is simple: the clothes you wear outside come into contact with dirty surfaces such as the subway seats, the benches in a square, the chair in a bar. Therefore, they are full of germs and bacteria. Maybe we have always known it is a bad habit, but it’s time to change our lifestyle!

Germs and risks for our health

Photo source: https://pixabay.com/it/photos/ragazza-letto-capelli-1245773/

The situation worsens if you lie on your bed with your shoes on.The soles count over 400.000 bacteria! Have you ever thought that a lot of people have used the same chairs and benches, maybe while wearing a sweaty jeans or a dirty t-shirt?

These body cells and sweat can transfer on your clothes, too. Usually, we spend hours in our beds. Ttherefore it should always be clean, in order to avoid annoying infections and problems.

What are the most contaminated clothes? The one you use during a trip by plane, during which you come into contact with objects you should never touch. The risk is having bedsheets, pillowcases and bedcovers full of dirt.

Next time you want to lie down on your bed after a day outside, remember all the dirty surfaces you come in contact with. You will rush towards the washing machine!

Photo source: https://pixabay.com/it/photos/ragazza-letto-capelli-1245773/

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