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Do the others pose a threat? It is the Procrustes syndrome and can be cured!

phobias woman

Envy can be very harmful, especially at extreme levels where others are seen as a danger to themselves. The disorder is called Procrustes Syndrome and affects many people.

Being jealous of others is an instinctive and natural human feeling that serves for the survival of our species. In fact, this emotion derives from comparing oneself with others and this can cause a spur in ourselves. But when it flows into a chronic and heavy envy that sees others as a threat then it is the Procrustes syndrome.

The disorder affects many people , mostly in adulthood, and psychologists warn about its negative effects on the individual and the group. Let’s find out in detail what it is and how it can be treated!

Procrustes syndrome, what it is and how to cure it

The psychologists of have diagnosed the disorder of those who are extremely envious with the name borrowed from Greek mythology. Procrustes, in fact, was a tyrant known for his nature in torturing foreigners and unfortunates. He considered them evil , dangerous, and for this he had to eliminate them immediately in order to “save himself”. Very similar is what happens in the mind of those suffering from this form of strong jealousy .

phobias woman
phobias woman

Newcomers to the workplace, strangers at an event … everyone is viewed with distrust and viewed negatively. This for no real reason! The platform experts Psychologists explain “is very often an insecure person who feels a deep sense of inferiority to others. The others are constantly interpreted as a threat, as imaginary rivals who can do better ».

This attitude is harmful in that it tends to block initiatives, new projects, brilliant and innovative ideas suggested by the latest addition. Those who are affected will try to denigrate and diminish , a priori, their neighbor and his work, for completely irrational reasons. But can Procrustes Syndrome be cured? Well yes, and the first step is to recognize that you are suffering from it!

Then you have to practice yourself: increase self-esteem , think positively and selflessly, live what happens more positively ! We recommend that you exit the comfort zone and encourage yourself to do more, focusing on the results achieved and on your inner growth .

The bed of Procrustes, the legendary story

According to Greek mythology, Procrustes was the well-known torturer who operated along the sacred road that connected Eleusis to Athens. Hidden in the maze of Mount Coridallo, he captured the “threatening” wayfarers who passed by and tortured them. Like? He placed them on an anvil-shaped bed and practiced stretching his limbs. To kill him was the well-known Greek hero Theseus who had defeated the dangerous Minotaur and saved the beautiful Ariadne.

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