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Long and thick lashes are (almost) every woman’s dream. Here are the tips to follow for a perfect look!

Long, thick, beautiful and shiny eyelashes to finish your make-up: who does not dream to have perfect lashes? It is not easy to get the results desired, especially if one does not first know some precautions. You can change mascara, buy a miraculous one, but nothing seems to work. Actually, you’re doing something wrong… Find out what are the best hacks to make lashes longer and voluminous!

How to get long and voluminous lashes

One of the first steps to follow to have perfect lashes is to use the eyelash curler. This beauty tool is a must-have to to fold, comb, clean and prepare your lashes for make-up.

Do you dream of long and voluminous eyelashes? Here's what to do!
Photo source: https://pixabay.com/it/donna-ritratto-viso-pelle-make-up-3096664/

After this, you need to moisturize your eyelashes. As for your hair, they also need care and hydration. Beauty salons often sell products or serums designed especially for lashes. These products help to moisturize the eyelashes and keep them soft.

After having moisturized them, you can do your make-up. First, use a primer. Known probably as  “ white mascara”, it prepares your eyelashes and makes them thicker. Once dried, you can use the black mascara. We often make the mistake of using only one, when we actually need more than one to give length, volume and make the eyelashes thicker.

Pass the first mascara horizontally and vertically, without necessarily having to perform a zig-zag movement. Focus on the tip of the eyelashes and comb them towards the outside. In this way, you make the eye bigger and the make-up more obvious. Perform the zig-zag movement only with the mascara that makes the eyelashes thicker, and use it last.

Another solution for more beautiful lashes is to always remove your make-up before going to sleep, because if you leave mascara on your eyelashes all night long, you will weaken them.

Photo source: https://pixabay.com/it/donna-ritratto-viso-pelle-make-up-3096664/

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