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Do you know the new trend for a glamour nail art?

Do you know the new trend for a glamour nail art?

Fashionable and outsideof the box Nail Art: the new trend is putting charms on one of your nails. Find out how!

Being a Nail Art enthusiast is not simple, because almost every day there is a new fashion. If you love to treat your hands and decorate your nails with the classiest colors and effects, then this type of Nail Art is perfect for you. The new fashion is putting charms on one of your nails. You do not need any glue and you can change it whenever you want to! Here’s how it works, and, above all, who created this new technique…

Original Nail Art with charms

This new trend was developed by a Nail Designer we can find on Instagram. In a very nice and original way, she created a trend to make nails more chic and eccentric. This is perfect for those who do not like to go unnoticed and wants to go beyond this fall/winter colors: their name is Tick Tock Nails and their main feature is a charm!

Nail Art
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In other words, you need to buy a charm and a nail base. The base will secure the charm on your nail without using glue. In this way, you can easily change it and replace it with another one!

This is a brilliant idea for people who easily get tired of their nail color but have no intention of starting over from scratch with their manicure. The Tick Tock Nails do not damage your nails and make your hands even more glamorous. Why not to try it?

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