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Do you know the partnership? An excellent natural pain reliever


A remedy used in popular tradition to combat muscle pain and headaches: let’s discover the feverfew.

Tanacetum parthenium , known to most by the common name of feverfew. It is a herbaceous plant with flower , with a very similar appearance to that of chamomile. The feverfew is very common in the temperate areas of Europe and the Americas , which grows in stony and uncultivated places.

In Italy it is known by several popular names, including amarella, matricale and marga grass. In our peninsula it does not grow in its natural state , but can be found in crops and in many gardens. In the phytotherapeutic field it is used because of its various beneficial properties : let’s find out.

The properties of feverfew

The feverfew has been known in herbal medicine for a long time. The properties of its popular tradition are mainly two. The anti-inflammatory ones, which allow you to fight joint pain, and the ones that help you fight headache, one of the most common types of headache.

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The latter effect is due to its inhibitory properties of serotonin , the release of which is one of the main causes of migraine.

However, these properties are not the only ones that the marga herb has: it is an excellent tonic and antispasmodic . In particular, it allows you to fight the spasms and pains related to menstrual syndrome. This occurs thanks to its ability to become a natural pain reliever , which relaxes muscles and blood vessels.

At the moment, several studies are underway on this plant. Studies that could confirm the presence of additional beneficial effects related to its use.

Uses and contraindications of the starting

The feverfew, despite their similar appearance, should not be confused with chamomile . This remedy can be purchased in herbal medicine in the form of capsules or chewable extracts and tablets . The latter can be used in the treatment of inflammation and against headaches. Alternatively, you can buy leaves and flowers to be used in the realization of a decoction (exclusively for external use) to be applied on the painful muscles to calm the feeling of being unwell. The dried plant can be used in making an infusion , which helps release tension and improves digestion.

The feverfew should be avoided in case of pregnancy and breastfeeding . In addition, caution should be exercised in case of gastritis, ulcers or other hypersensitivity phenomena. To avoid side effects, it is advisable to consult an expert before using it, especially if you use drugs.

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