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Do you know the symptoms of heart attack? Here are which you must always pay attention to.

chest pain

Not everyone knows how to recognize the symptoms of heart attack. And this although they can often even save lives. Let’s find out which are the most important of all.

Being able to recognize the symptoms of a heart attack in time is certainly one of the surest ways to save your life by asking for help as soon as possible. In fact, it is more than proven that a heart attack taken early has a much better chance of not turning into death or serious side effects.
For this reason, when it comes to heart attack, the warning symptoms are very important. As are the first reactions in order to avoid sudden worsening while waiting for help.

What are the heart attack symptoms you need to know

chest pain
chest pain

If it is true that the symptoms of heart attack are many and varied, among these, there are some that should always be kept under control.

The best known in general are:

– Pain in the right arm

Nausea sudden

– Dizziness

– Sense of tightness in the chest

– Cold sweats

– Hot flashes

– Exhaustion

– Shortness of breath

Heart attack symptoms: difference between man and woman

It is good to keep in mind that, depending on the sex, the symptoms can vary.

If the heart attack symptoms in men are those listed above, there is indeed a small difference for heart attack symptoms in women. The latter, in fact, can also have heartburn, dizziness, cold sweat and stabbing in the abdomen.

What to do when you are worried about having a possible heart attack

When it comes to saving one’s life, caution is never too much. In the presence of the symptoms mentioned above and, especially if they occur simultaneously, it is in fact important to call 118 , and not to be alone for any reason.

While waiting for help, it is advisable to lie on your back with your legs raised, remain calm, avoid food intake and press the chest against the heart in order to facilitate pumping. In this way you will take some time waiting for first aid.

Having said that, it is good to remember that heart attack pains often come very quickly, intensifying even more quickly. Which is why a false alarm is definitely better than one not given for fear of being wrong.

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