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Do you know tiger balm? Here is the natural remedy for …

natural cream flowers

Perfect for winter, for sore throats, but also for muscle inflammation and headaches, tiger balm is the natural DIY remedy that promotes our well-being at 360 °.

Winter brings with it a cold and humid wind that often leads to pain headaches, colds and headaches . Not for this we must break down and give in to taking the usual aspirin that does everything except help us solve the cause of the disorder. That’s why it’s time to discover the most effective DIY natural remedy and useful to keep at home, tiger balm.

The name is just a hint of how strong we will feel after its application! Based on natural essential oils , cloves and more, it is a plant anti-inflammatory and analgesic par excellence.

Tiger balm, what it is and how it works

Nature gives us, as always, everything we need to stay in perfect shape and to take care of our body in case of need. This time we discover the usefulness of tiger balm against neck, sore throat, cold, muscle aches and tensions in legs and arms.

natural cream flowers
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It is an ancient natural remedy , simple to make at home, which acts deeply and quickly. Once applied to the part, it will make us feel strong just like a tiger in a very short time and loaded to continue our working day.

For the application just take a little product and massage it on the part: at the base of the nostrils to relieve colds or on the temples to make the headache disappear. Instead, for the muscles, spread the product well (a few quantities are sufficient at a time) on the painful part and massage until it is relaxed and absorbed .

How to make tiger balm at home

To prepare the natural anti-inflammatory cream at home, you need to prepare the necessary items. We need to:

-a glass jar

-4 g of beeswax

– essential oils of mint, eucalyptus, cloves and cinnamon

-20 ml of vegetable oil

-10 ml of jojoba oil and 10 ml of aloe oil (to soften and nourish the skin)

Pour the oils and beeswax into small pieces in a saucepan until completely dissolved (we recommend cooking in a bain-marie). Once ready, add 4 drops of mint oil, 2 of cinnamon and cloves and 5 drops of eucalyptus oil. Mix everything and place it in the jar which, once cooled, will contain our miraculous tiger balm ready to use!

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