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Do you know which our memory best ally is? Our beloved chocolate, of course!

Do you know which our memory best ally is? Our beloved chocolate, of course!

According to experts, chocolate helps to better endure modern life pressures and stress, but also helps our memory and concentration!

Chocolate is our beloved friends which satisfies our cravings and emotional needs. Scientific researches have shown it has new nutraceutical properties, other than stimulates theobromine metabolism, an alkaloid similar to caffeine. Even the flavonoids, responsible of the antioxidants activities of these two substances, were taken into consideration.

According to the magazine Neurology, professor Farzaneh Sorond and her staff at the Boston Harvard Medical School developed a study on 60 elederly with more than 70 years old. Part of them drank two large cups of hot chocolate every day for 30 days.

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Researchers found out that chocolate flavonoids had very good effects on the patients. MRI scans confirmed this theory. Researchers analyzed both groups of people: those who drank chocolate every day and those who did not.

Studies show that…

According to studies, cocoa bean flavonoids can actually prevent and heal some damages that can cause problems such the Alzheimer’s disease. Other researchers of the Columbia University found out that a high content of flavonoids can actually act on the brain area which keeps memories, emotions and past experiences.

Moreover, MRI scans and cognitive tests showed how in this brain area blood flow and activities increased. In this way, they improved the patients’ memory.

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