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Do you really need to use nail primer? The answer is…

Do you really need to use nail primer? The answer is...

There is a primer for eyelashes, lips, face, hair… you must have nail primer! What is it and how to use it for?

Nail primer is necessary if you want a better looking manicure. It should be used as a “base”. There are different types to use depending on individual needs. As hair needs a base, so do nails: the primer helps to improve nail polish quality and makes the manicure last longer. Find out what nail primer is!

What is nail primer?

Nail primer is a transparent liquid with an unpleasant smell. It helps improving adhesion by completely eliminating traces of grease on the nail, while also facilitating water evaporation. In fact, if the nail surface is not totally “dry”, the nail polish, especially the gel one, will probably not adhere.

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This type of manicure product is especially recommended to anyone with very weak nails. Nail weakness may occurr because you often have your hands in water. In this case, nail primer can be very useful. Its use becomes essential only if the nail is too shiny and quite greasy, otherwise it may not be used.

How to apply nail primer

Nail primer prices may vary according to the brand and type of cosmetic you buy, but it can be easily used at home. You need to apply it with a thin brush, without touching cuticles and hangnails. Then, let sit for about 2 minutes, until your nails become opaque, almost white. Once set, all you need to do is following your nail routine, using gel or semi-permanent nail polish.

With nail primer, your manicure will have a completely different look!

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