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Do you suffer from colitis? Here’s what to eat to get better

girl with yogurt

Colitis is a fairly common problem that can benefit from the right diet. So let’s find out which are the most suitable foods.

When we talk about colitis we mean an inflammatory state that affects the intestine and that usually occurs in spots. Nonetheless, it can represent a rather important problem for those who suffer from it. Because of the frequent pains, in fact, the quality of life ends up being affected.

Often to obtain benefits it is enough to change the way you eat, choosing the right foods and combining them with some basic rules such as chewing slowly, eating calmly and without distractions and choosing foods that are as healthy as possible. So let’s find out what to eat with colitis.

Colitis and nutrition: the foods to choose

In case of colitis, nutrition must be treated as much as possible. This means preferring all those foods considered healthy and useful to live better. It is therefore important to eat the following foods for a good colitis diet:

girl with yogurt
girl with yogurt

– Seasonal fruit and vegetables with a medium amount of fiber
– White meat
– Lean fish
– Fermented foods such as yogurt and kefir
– Live lactic ferments

It is important to keep in mind that in the case of colitis, there are no absolute truths. It is therefore important to test various foods on yourself (possibly with the help of a doctor) in order to understand which ones are considered healthy and which are not.

Colitis: the foods to avoid

Just as there are recommended foods, there are also foods to avoid with colitis. These include:

– Coffee
– Fatty cheeses
– Foods too rich in fiber
– Spicy spices
– Packaged foods
– Desserts

It seems that eliminating the wrong foods and following a healthy diet within a congruous lifestyle, are excellent remedies against colitis. To them can also be added lactic ferments able to improve intestinal health. These, however, will be chosen together with the doctor so as not to run the risk of making mistakes and worsening the situation.

Once again, therefore, the advice is to be followed by someone in order to find a quick and effective solution to solve the problem upstream.

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