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Do you wake up at night from 3 to 5? Here’s what it means

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According to traditional Chinese medicine, the time you fall asleep and the time you wake up says a lot about us and our state of health.

Do you always go to sleep at the same time, but can’t fall asleep easily? Do you have sudden awakenings at night, for which you cannot find an explanation? Your nocturnal habits say a lot about you and your health. To give a profound explanation of these events is traditional Chinese medicine , which is based on the importance of a balance between mind, body and spirit. A balance that finds perhaps the most important moment of the day in sleep.

Meaning of the time you go to sleep

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In the evening, most people try to fall asleep between 9pm and 11pm to get a good, restful sleep. But many find it hard to fall asleep during this time slot, which according to Chinese medicine is linked to the endocrine system. A difficulty usually indicates an excessive load of stress .

Some tips to release tension? A hot bath, a few minutes of meditation and maybe a nice relaxing herbal tea. If you can clear your mind, the good Morpheus will soon welcome you in his arms. Always going to sleep or waking up between 11pm and 1am signals a gallbladder problem. You may have eaten too late or ingested foods that are too greasy and oily, overexerting this organ.

From the point of view of the spirit, this is the time when yin energy transforms into yang energy. Difficulty falling asleep during this time slot could indicate emotional disappointment . Can’t forgive or appreciate yourself for who you are? Try to resolve this inner conflict to go back to sleep peacefully.

Always wake up at the same time: meaning

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If you always wake up between 1:00 and 3:00 at night, you may have built up too much anger. This time slot is linked to the liver, an organ responsible for producing bile. Maybe there is something that is causing you resentment or frustration. Try to understand if you are angry with someone, so that you can vent your feelings and finally be able to fall asleep.

Waking up between 3:00 and 5:00 am is a sign of the presence of a higher force that wants to guide you towards ascent, to allow you to enter a more conscious spiritual state. From a physical point of view, the lungs do the most work at this time. Your body receives a large amount of oxygen , and if you have breathing problems you may have sudden awakenings. Try some breathing exercises to get back to a good sleep.

The time slot between 5:00 and 7:00 in the morning is that which concerns the large intestine. If you usually wake up at this time it is because you have emotional blocks . This is the time when the body gets rid of all the toxins that have been slowly excreted from the various organs during the night. To get back to sleep, try drinking a glass of water and going to the bathroom. Usually people who suffer from constipation wake up in this time slot.

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