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Do you want to lose a size in two weeks? Here comes the bresaola diet


Discovering the diet that promises to lose an entire size in just two weeks: the bresaola diet.

A new type of diet has recently come to the fore: the bresaola diet. As the name can easily guess, this diet is based on the lowcalorie properties of this tasty salami.

The reason why this diet has become very popular in a short time is very simple: it promises to lose a size in just two weeks . Let’s find out how it works and what to combine with this salami to get good results.

What is bresaola and how it is produced

This salami is typical of Valtellina and, since 1998, has obtained international recognition IGP (Protected Geographical Indication). It is generally produced with beef and, more precisely, with the tip of the hip salted and flavored with different spices. After this step the meat is left to rest for about 2 weeks in brine, after this time it is carefully cleaned, wrapped in the casing and left to mature for about 2 months.

In Veneto there is also horse bresaola , more spicy and lean, as well as deer bresaola .

Losing a size in two weeks with bresaola?

The bresaola diet promises to make those who follow it lose an entire size in just two weeks . Is all this possible?


The concept on which this diet is based is that bresaola is a low-calorie food. In fact, it contains only 151 calories per 100g of product and, of these 10 grams, 90 are composed of water (59) and proteins (31).

In short, a cured meat rich in animal proteins and low in fat . Ideal for losing weight and tasty to eat. However, eating bresaola is not enough to lose weight: it is necessary to combine it with other foods and build a real diet around it.

Bresaola diet: what to eat

When following the diet based on bresaola , it is best not to combine it with other animal proteins . Usually this salami should be accompanied by vegetables . In any case, below you will find an example of a diet to follow.

The day begins with breakfast. The first meal of the day will consist of green tea , a wholemeal food (biscuits, cereals) and a fruit (or a Greek yogurt alternatively). For lunch, wholemeal pasta with a light sauce (usually it is advisable to use vegetables, fresh tomatoes and basil to give an example). Dinner will be the meal of the day in which we will consume bresaola.


Most of the recipes in which bresaola and vegetables are paired are very simple to make. The best known option is certainly bresaola, oil , parmesan and rocket . It fills up quickly, gives energy and is low-calorie. If you want to further reduce your calorie intake, remove the grits. Alternatively you can prepare a salad with tomatoes, spinach and rocket or combine the latter with zucchini and asparagus .

Advice and warnings

Before starting the bresaola diet it is always good to consult a nutritionist and receive personalized advice. In fact, this diet may not be suitable for everyone. In particular, being rich in salty foods, this diet is not recommended for those with high blood pressure problems. Moreover, due to its reduced caloric intake it is contraindicated in case of illness or pregnancy .

However, this diet could benefit athletes , helping them to achieve better physical performance than they were used to.

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