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Does pilates make you lose weight? Here’s what you need to know about this discipline with so many benefits

Pilates exercises

Many people wonder if pilates makes you lose weight. Let’s find out if this is true and how it works, so loved by those who practice it.

If you too are among those who have wondered at least once if Pilates makes you lose weight, you will know how many doubts seem to be about it. In fact, it is a discipline that appears to be much softer than others, so much so that it is carried out almost entirely on the mat and without large movements aimed at burning calories . Yet losing weight with Pilates is feasible and today we will find out why.

Doing pilates to lose weight

That pilates is a discipline that helps in different aspects and that gives various benefits to the body is now a well-known fact.

Pilates exercises
Pilates exercises

What many are wondering about is its ability to make those who follow a diet and want to play sports lose weight to increase their results. The truth is that even pilates, albeit in a different way than other sports, can help you lose weight. And it does this by activating the muscles and, consequently, the metabolism .

Of course, if you want to lose a lot of weight, there are sports that can help you achieve better results in less time. However, there is no doubt that Pilates makes legs and abdominals lose weight, constantly stimulated by the many exercises.

How to do pilates in the right way to lose weight: the rules to follow

When you decide to start practicing Pilates to lose weight, it is good to start from the awareness that every sport helps in this sense only if supported by a correct eating style . In the specific case of pilates, losing weight is possible thanks to the fat burning effect that leads the body to burn fat and the body to tone up.

What if you want to get results in a short time? In this case, you can insert two or three Pilates sessions per week to alternate with other running or, if desired, other disciplines that include cardio. In this way you will get a more complete workout capable of burning calories while allowing you to tone up and give the body a more harmonious shape.

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