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Does the (cold) climate affect the spread of coronavirus?

Coronavirus temperature

A study conducted by the GVN, the Global Virus Network, would have identified a correlation between temperature and diffusion rate of the coronavirus: let’s find out.

Is there a relationship between the temperature and the rate at which coronavirus spreads? The answer comes from the GVN, the Global Virus Network. The prestigious international coalition would have conducted a study based on the observation of the diffusion rate of COVID-19, in relation to the climate of a given place.

The study gave us an answer : the temperature affects the propagation of the coronavirus. Like? Let’s find out.

Coronavirus, does the climate affect?

The study conducted by the Global Virus Network (GVN) stems from the observation that in hot countries the virus would seem to progress more slowly than in other countries.

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In fact, through the analysis of the statistics , it is possible to establish that the coronavirus would seem to spread differently according to the temperature. In particular, it would have spread more insistently in areas with colder or temperate climates, where the average temperature is between 5 and 11 degrees on the Celsius scale.

Not surprisingly, COVID-19 has spread significantly in Europe and the United States, without however being able to effectively hit the hottest countries of South Asia and Africa. Obviously, the virus has also reached these areas, but the spread would seem slower and the number of significant outbreaks less.

Coronavirus and seasonal flu: cold weather helps spread

Like seasonal flu , the work of coronavirus would appear to be greatly influenced by temperature. Both would spread more easily in colder climates. The hope is that, with the arrival of spring and then of summer, the emergency can slowly return until it completely disappears .

However, the fact that the virus tends to expand more easily in colder areas does not necessarily mean that with the arrival of the heat it will disappear. However, it could slow down its spread, helping doctors to better treat patients and allowing more time for scientists to find a possible vaccine .

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