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Does the midnight snack put your line at risk? Discover causes and effects

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The midnight snack: you thought it was something that only happens in the movies but now it happens to you too. Find out the causes, remedies and its effects on the body.

It looks like a movie scene, but it also happens in reality: you wake up in the middle of the night and feel a certain pang , you are hungry. It is not necessarily a problem to get up at midnight to eat. It’s feasible, but you have to choose the snack composition carefully.

According to recent studies, a midnight snack can weigh on fitness if we don’t carefully choose what we eat. Let’s find out more!

Midnight snack: line at risk?

Does eating a midnight snack put the line at risk? Yes and no. Logically, during the night we are less active, even on a metabolic level . Consequently, if we want to treat ourselves to a midnight snack we must follow two simple rules: avoid large meals and eat healthy .

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However, if possible avoiding would be better . Giving us snacks every now and then is more than legitimate, but it would be better to do it at different times.

What to eat and what to avoid

If, despite your best efforts, you can’t resist the temptation of a midnight snack, try to avoid sugary foods anyway. As told by Dr. Bocchino, sugars, in addition to damaging the physical form , are enemies of teeth and heart . Furthermore, the risk of diabetes is not to be underestimated.

Instead, aim for savory , healthier snacks . In particular, the doctor recommended three. The first is to toast a slice of whole wheat bread and spread a cream of dried fruit on it or, alternatively, you can simply feed on dried fruit. The second snack will be based on yogurt , to which will be added some whole grains and a couple of green apple wedges and avocado slices. Last snack, an apple accompanied by some hazelnuts .

The causes of hunger and how to prevent it

Unlike what one might think, the cause of that pang that grips us during the night could be breakfast , the most important meal of the day and that should be consumed in a conscious way every day: it is the main source of energy to face the better the day, but above all, to avoid hunger attacks!

However, a rich breakfast is not always enough: even what we eat at dinner could affect our desire to give us, or not, a short midnight snack. In fact, by taking slow-release carbohydrates and proteins during the last meal of the day, we will encourage the release of tryptophan , an amino acid that helps to reconcile sleep, and of hormones that fight hunger .

What to eat for dinner to meet these needs? Proteins, and therefore fish, meat, eggs or cheese, which must be accompanied by vegetables and possibly whole carbohydrates!

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