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Does the smartfood diet really help you lose weight? Here’s how it works

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Eating without gaining weight and staying healthy? Science says it’s possible with the smartfood diet: that’s all there is to know.

We are tired of diets that promise miracles : too many sacrifices and few results would make anyone lose motivation. But the smartfood diet could make even the most skeptical think again. It is not primarily intended as a diet to lose weight , but to protect us from disease and to extend our life. But yes, among its “side effects” there is also the possibility of losing weight. So let’s see what this diet consists of!

What is the smartfood diet

The intelligent diet is an all-Italian discovery, brought to light by a research team of the European Institute of Oncologist (the IEO in Milan). It is a health program that aims to prevent diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular, metabolic and neurodegenerative diseases through nutrition.

Thanks to numerous nutrigenomics studies – DNA-based studies – it has in fact been discovered that the genes of aging and those that prolong life can be activated or deactivated by some particular foods. If consumed, these foods also manage to prevent the accumulation of fat and stimulate the use of fat in the body to repair tissue damage and improve our health.

Smartfood diet: recommended foods

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Smartfood means “intelligent food” . In fact, the smartfood diet involves the consumption of 30 foods that are able to activate our longevity genes, giving us better health and longer life. In particular, 20 are longevity smartfoods , foods with exceptional beneficial properties.

The list includes: blood oranges, asparagus , persimmons, capers, cabbage, cherries, dark chocolate, onions, turmeric , strawberries, berries, lettuce, aubergines, apples, paprika, purple potatoes, chilli, black plums , radicchio, tea black, green tea, grapes.

The remaining 10 foods are protective smartfoods , which fight obesity and chronic diseases: garlic, whole grains, aromatic herbs, fresh fruit, nuts, legumes, extra virgin olive oil, seed oil, oil seeds and vegetables . As you can see, they are all foods of plant origin, generally known for their nutritional properties.

The tips of the smartfood diet for weight loss

The list of smartfood foods is not exhaustive: you can also consume foods that are not listed there, but it is better to follow some advice. For example, meat is not prohibited : whether it is white or red, it should not be consumed more than twice a week. The same moderation is necessary for salt-rich foods , fats, carbonated drinks and alcohol.

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