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Does wine make you gain weight? Find out how many calories it has!

Does wine make you gain weight? Find out how many calories it has!

Let’s find out how many calories a glass of wine has, and if the white one has more than red one.

We often hear that drinking a glass of wine a day is healthy, but is that true? Actually, if you are on a diet, this is not the best drink to choose, because it contains a considerable amount of calories. Obviously, wine is healthier and less “dangerous” for your diet than other drinks, especially if we are talking about spirits. However, it is important to pay attention to what we eat and drink.

Does wine make you gain weight?

A lot of people, when they start a diet, wonder if they have to get rid of wine for good. Before choosing the type we want to buy, we need to pay attention to its alcoholic strength. During the fermentation, the sugars contained in grape, turn into alcohol.

Therefore, you can understand that the higher is the alcoholic strength, the higher is the calorie amount. Another thing you need to consider is the sugar residue that stays after the fermentation, especially when we talk about sweet wines.

Calories contained in a glass of wine

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It is not difficult to understand how many calories a glass of wine contains. The red one, that has up to 14% of alcoholic strength, contains more calories than the white one, which is usually less strong.

Generally speaking, a glass of red wine contains up to 120 calories, while a glass of white has maximum 110. Dessert wines, that are very sweet, can have a 15% of alcoholic strength: therefore, a 75ml glass can reach up to 380 calories.

When it comes to sparkling wine, there is a difference between the dry and the sweet one. The first one can have 100 calories, while the sweet one almost 200. What about champagne? This drink is actually less caloric than it looks: a 100ml glass only contains 80kcal!

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