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Don’t throw pumpkin seeds away! Did you know that they are a cure-all for …?

Pumpkin seeds

Did you know that pumpkin seeds are an excellent ally for preventing urinary tract disorders and promoting good sleep? Here are all the properties!

They are small and tasty, great for a snack between meals , and they also have many benefits for our health. We are talking about pumpkin seeds, which too often are not taken into due consideration and thrown away after using the pumpkin they come from. In fact, they are rich in beneficial properties for our body. Let’s find out the main ones!

Pumpkin seeds: nutritional values ​​and calories

The calories of pumpkin seeds are quite high, but as we will see later, if consumed in a reasonable and not excessive way, they can be carriers of numerous benefits. In the meantime, here are the nutritional values ​​per 100 g of product:

– Energy: 591 kcal
-Carbohydrates: 19 g (of which 6 g are sugars)
-Fats: 49 g
-Proteins: 31 g

Pumpkin seeds
Pumpkin seeds

The amount of saturated fat is practically zero, while the amount of fiber and mineral salts such as zinc, magnesium, phosphorus and iron is high. Do not forget, then, the vitamins, especially of groups C, E, and K , although their quantity decreases in the seeds that are subjected to roasting.

Pumpkin seeds: properties and contraindications

Traditionally, pumpkin seeds are used as a vermifuge , to fight intestinal worms, and as a natural remedy for problems related to the urinary tract. Thanks to their high zinc content, they protect the prostate and alleviate the discomfort caused by prostatic hypertrophy. They also promote an increase in the muscle tone of the bladder and fight inflammation affecting the urinary tract (such as cystitis ).

But pumpkin seeds have many other properties: they regulate the level of insulin in the blood, making them an excellent aid against diabetes, they are one of the main sources of plant omega 3 and reduce bad cholesterol. They are also rich in fiber and antioxidants , which qualify them as allies against intestinal problems and cellular aging.

The fatty oils contained in pumpkin seeds have beneficial effects on the heart and liver. They are rich in tryptophans, amino acids that in our body are converted into serotonin and melanin, promoting a good sleep . Finally, one last detail: although the calories of pumpkin seeds are quite high, a minimum amount is enough to enjoy the benefits.

The contraindications of pumpkin seeds

Fortunately, there are not too many cons in taking this food. If too many are eaten, however, these seeds could hinder the normal absorption of other nutrients, but they also cause stomach pain and in some cases headaches.

Furthermore, as we have already said, there are many lipids contained in the seeds (think, more than the pulp of the pumpkin itself), so it is important to control yourself and not eat too many!

Pumpkin seeds
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Pumpkin seeds: how many to eat a day?

In light of all this. that we have said, you can insert these seeds into your diet using about 10 grams per day, not more. This is about 60 calories and roughly an amount equal to 2 teaspoons.

How to eat pumpkin seeds: recipes and ideas

One of the most delicious recipes with pumpkin seeds are bruscolini , a quick and light snack to be consumed at any time of the day. After rinsing the seeds well under running water, leave them to soak for 24 hours in a bowl with 1 liter of water and a teaspoon of salt.

During this time, the salt will penetrate through the peel and make the inside, the one that is eaten, more flavorful. After 24 hours, drain the seeds and place them in a baking tray lined with parchment paper, trying not to overlap each other. Bake them in the oven at 150 ° C for about 30 minutes : here are some delicious toasted pumpkin seeds.

At this point, we have created a perfect food to decorate our dishes. We can use them for bread, to dress a pasta, or to give crunchiness to our salads. Finally, you can also try to make delicious cookies!

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