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Download Cleo: the app that helps people with multiple sclerosis!

Download Cleo: the app that helps people with multiple sclerosis!

Cleo is an application that helps people affected by multiple sclerosis!

Biogen has launched a new app called Cleo, designed to make patients with multiple sclerosis’ life easier. It is a sort of digital companion which can improve their quality of life.

The app is completely free and is currently available for iOS and Android. Cleo supports patients suffering from this disease in their daily life. The Biogen Healthcare Solutions company, which for more than 40 years has been studying technology and neurological diseases, developed the app.

Cleo: this app helps patients suffering from multiple sclerosis in their daily life!

The company launched this idea in order to improve patients’ quality of life. The app task is collecting information and satysfing the needs of people affected by multiple sclerosis.

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France, Germany and United States can already download Cleo, where 100 people suffering from multiple sclerosis tried it. The app not only reminds patients to take their therapy, but also considers the person and his/her quality of life.

Cleo also offers reliable scientific information about the disease. Moreover, it shares other patients’ stories to inspire and advice. Through photos and video, the app shows tips for living better. Finally, there is a section dedicated to fast and easy-to make recipes and video recipes, developed with professional nutritionists.

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