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Draining coffee scrub: the natural anti-cellulite recipe

Coffee scrub

The coffee body scrub is an effective grandmother’s remedy to combat cellulite: let’s see how to prepare and use it!

Although there are many ready-to-use anti-cellulite scrubs on the market, there is nothing better than a homemade coffee exfoliator to make skin smooth and fight water retention. This food, in fact, has draining properties and, together with the salt and oil used in the recipe, makes the skin soft and elastic.

Let’s see how to prepare the coffee body scrub and use it in the shower !

Coffee anti-cellulite scrub: grandma’s recipe

Coffee scrub
Coffee scrub

The ingredients of the coffee body scrub are cheap and easy to find . All you need is:

• 6 tablespoons of ground coffee (or coffee grounds),

• 6 tablespoons of sea salt (or brown sugar, if you have delicate skin),

• 12 tablespoons of olive oil (or 6 tablespoons of olive oil and 6 of almond oil).

To prepare the exfoliator, you just have to mix all the ingredients in a clean plastic jar, until you get a homogeneous cream. At this point, if you have used ground coffee, you can keep it in a cool, dry place until it is finished. If, on the other hand, you have used coffee grounds, you must consume it within a couple of days, because the water contained in the grounds could make it rancid.

How to do the body scrub

Coffee exfoliator should be used regularly to combat cellulite, at least a few times a week. Apply it on wet skin in the shower, after washing it with your usual cleanser .

Try to take the scrub with dry hands, or using a teaspoon, to prevent water from getting into the jar.

Then apply the product on the skin and massage it in circular movements from the ankles to the buttocks. Let the coffee work for a few minutes , then rinse thoroughly . You will see that you will not need body cream, because the oil will leave the skin very soft.

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