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Drinking beer in the summer? Do it and… you will be a magnet for mosquitoes!

drink beer

If drinking beer during summer evenings and with friends is your pastime, know that you will be targeted by mosquitoes much more than others, and much more prone to bites! Because?

Summer evenings are a truly magical moment to spend in the company of friends or family. We organize outdoor dinners accompanied perhaps by a delicious ice cold beer … Oops, better not! Drinking beer in the heat, in fact, will only make you even more subject to the bites of annoying black insects: mosquitoes will be able to perceive in the distance the smell emanating from those who drank the drink.

Well yes: it is really a pleasure to drink beer every night, or almost, during the summer, but there is the other side of the coin to consider ! If the effects of beer on your metabolism are not that bad (if you don’t exaggerate), you have to deal with mosquitoes ! Why? A study explains it to us …

Drinking beer and mosquitoes: what happens?

drink beer
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This was stated by a study published in the Journal of American medicin : ” Mosquitoes are said to be attracted to body odor modified by alcohol intake “.

That’s right, and an article published on MilanoToday also confirms it . ” Drinking a can of beer significantly increases mosquito attack .”

Unfortunately it is not the only factor that would influence the approach of the annoying black insect: the blood group also counts as they much prefer group 0 over group B and A. Finally, by their nature, they have the ability to capture the carbon dioxide coming from our breath already 50 meters away .

Really hard to escape, right? And then if by now they have stung us and we have bites, it is time to resort to remedies against the annoying itch !

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