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Dry leg skin: natural remedies to give more hydration

Cream on the legs

Dry leg skin is a common problem. Let’s find out how to solve it in a simple and natural way.

Dry leg skin is a problem that can occur at any stage of life and has several reasons. To be able to solve it, it is therefore very important to first understand the causes and find remedies that are as natural as possible and aimed at improving skin health.

Dry legs: why this problem arises and what it depends on

Cream on the legs
Cream on the legs

When the skin of the legs dries up, the reasons behind it can be different. In some cases it is too sudden climate changes that lead to too much fall or too cold. In other cases, poor hydration or the wrong detergents can be to blame. Factors to which are added pathologies such as diabetes, an unbalanced diet and age.

The most common cause of all, however, is exposure to the sun without the right protection. Which contributes to drying the skin, eliminating the water contained in it and thus leading to dry and flaky skin on the legs. Typically, the symptoms to recognize it are:

– Skin that pulls
Rough feeling to the touch
– Legs visibly dry or dull
– Itch
– Chapped skin

In the presence of these symptoms it is always good to try to remedy the problem. The first thing to do is obviously to contact your doctor to understand the causes. Should it emerge that the problem is poor hydration , various natural remedies can be used.

Dry leg skin: natural remedies to defeat it

First of all it is good to remember that drinking is the first way to hydrate not only the skin but the whole body. This can obviously also be combined with more targeted techniques aimed at moisturizing the skin in a natural way. After choosing less aggressive cleansers, you can start applying different lotions on the skin of the legs. A very good one is that given by the union of two fingers of milk with olive oil. In fact, it will be enough to spread everything on the skin and let it act for a while to offer it the nourishment it needs.

Another natural remedy is honey. Thanks to its multiple properties, it nourishes the skin, giving it hydration that lasts over time. However, there are several other ingredients that you can try, until you find the one you prefer and among these are coconut oil, avocado and aloe vera .

Obviously, once the problem has been solved, you will also have to take care of preventing dryness of the skin. And to do this it is advisable to drink a lot, eat fruit and vegetables and continue to use the natural remedies mentioned above during the change of seasons or when experiencing particularly stressful periods . In this way, the epidermis will be offered what it needs to always remain properly hydrated.

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