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Dry oil: your beauty ally for body and hair

Dry oil: your beauty ally for body and hair

This product is specific for dry skins: it is not oily and it is easily absorbed. Here everything you need to know about dry oil!

People with dry skin often need to buy oil-based products. You have definitely seen cosmetics made with dry oil, but what is its difference with the normal one? First of all, in the vast majority of cases, oil leaves that oily feeling and our skin does not absorb it easily.

The other product, instead, has not these characteristics. Moreover, you can apply dry oil both on your body and hair! Let’s find out all the reasons why we will fall in love with this cosmetic!

Why to use this product?

We are talking about a product rich in nutrients, able to hydrate not only our body, but also our scalp.

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Dry oil for body and hair has a delicate texture and does not grease. Instead, your skin will absorb it quickly and you will not feel sticky or wet. This is possible also because this product is sold as a spray.

You can use it in case of dry or inflamed skin, that will also look shiny. In summer, it will also enhance your tan. Another good reason why to use this product is its scent. It is delicate and very nice at the same time.

When to use dry oil?

Unlike classic oil, you can use this product for every occasion. You can apply it before getting dressed or before taking a bath. In fact, it is recommended if you go to the gym, in order to keep your skin soft and moisturized. In this way, you will avoid irritations and reddenings in case of sensitive skin. You can use it for your manicure, too: it is perfect to moisturize your cuticles!

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